More than doctors, which extend life and quality. More than lawyers that seek justice, more than authors or artists or scientists or clergy who seek conciliation and progress.

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Teachers Are The Forgotten Heroes

The most important job in an information society is teacher.

Teachers are the ones who groom our future, who ensure our peace, who develop our competitive capacity. Everything else good in life benefits from the job our teachers do so selflessly in our lives when we are most vulnerable and impressionable.

Think back to your own childhood and we both know there's a special teacher that stands out during an important moment in your life. Someone who helped you through a difficult challenge with some well chosen advice.

They didn't do it for you, but instead helped you realize an opportunity for you to apply your own tools to do what must be done. Acting as an affirming force good or bad so you can learn and eventually understand. A teacher doesn't train, a teacher shows you the paths before us all and makes it clear it's up to you whether you walk, run or avoid them entirely.

The average pay for a High School Principal in Canada is $98,326.00 per year.

So please, somebody explain to me, why teachers are paid an average of only $54,000.00 a year before taxes in Canada which after a roughly 30% tax rate above $11,000.00 amounts to a living wage of around $40,000.00 a year take home in the best scenarios.

Marginal Tax Rates Federal + Provincial. (Doesn't include PST, GST, excise, or property taxes.)

For the year 2016, there are many tax brackets:

$0 to $11,474–0% (this is not really a bracket but the personal exemption level)

$45,283 to $90,563–30.5%

$90,564 to $125,000–36%

How has it become acceptable to throw teachers under the bus whenever parents trigger as though school is a product and the parent the customer? If a teacher gets stressed and freaks out at school, I don't want them fired, I want those parents to offer a heartfelt thank you to the teacher for showing up to work in the first place.

Here's what I think. I think it's a privilege your kids have a teacher. The vast majority of children don't. I think you as a parent should be kissing said teachers ass for bothering to allow your sh*tty little child to be in the same room as them. Education is NOT a right. Your child is NOT special. Not valuable, not useful. Your child is a selfish little turd and it is that teacher that has any chance at all of changing that.

So remember my words the next time you demoralize, yell, or lobby against that teacher that dared to speak the truth to you and your under-achieving kid. That it is your kid who suffers when the school fails to stand up to you and protect that teacher. Its YOUR kid who will be weak and under-prepared when competing against my kid, because your ego wouldn't allow a good teacher to do her job.

If it's more important to you that your child's self esteem is solid but not her math scores, give your head a shake. Don't saddle your daughter with the same yoke as yesterday's midwife.

I. Am. Verboten
I. Am. Verboten is a mysterious ghost of an author wondering through the studio as if he owns the place.

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