The average Canadian is held beyond the levers of power usually afforded free citizens in a democracy. But we aren't average citizens are we?

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The 23rd Minute

Not everything is better in Canada.

We're the decedents of feudalism. Our heritage is the monarchy. In the Commonwealth of nations, we rank among the most obedient. We do what we're told and we say thank you for the privilege.

Press freedom in Canada is non- existent and much of the population gets its news from political satire. There are just a handful of national broadcasters. Only CBC/Radio-Canada, TVA and APTN are officially considered national networks by the CRTC. Any new operation that tries to go against the politically promoted narrative is suppressed through a combination of perfectly legal tactics, of course. These are professional censors.

Just like every industry in Canada. A dominant state player runs the show. It doesn't even matter what party controls the agenda. It's an old system and unlike the American's, Canada is operating on the inheritance of the British Empire; not freedom loving revolutionaries.

As Loyalists we kept paying the ever increasing taxes and we got what we paid for.

We're in a country that's perfected TV friendly socialism. Often called the friendly dictatorship, in Canada, a crown corp mentality prevails. Applied aggressively in all industries to ensure regulations protect Canada's elite political class. Do you know what a Crown Corp is? It's a private business, "owned" by the state, placed in a market in order to set the terms of an industry. Sheer mass of monopoly power extending from the Ministry under who's supervision it operates. Unlimited state funding placed in opposition to private producers.

Sounds soviet doesn't it. Or maybe...German?

Canada uses Crown Corps for all utilities. No competition on any "core service" is allowed without strict approval from the Ministry through some sort of partnership or service agreement. Producers are NOT permitted to generate new wealth unless they go through the government first. Internet, Phone, Power, Energy, etc. Can't buy labour, lumber, or metal; or any other basic supply without it going through a costly process designed to monitor and control all forms of production.

On the surface one might try and make arguments like "Safety", or "Experts", and finally "We made it this way." And "that's democracy and if we don't like it; change it."

Name the top Ministers in Federal politics. Can you do it? Neither can I and I live here. We know our Prime Minister...from his riveting photo spread on Rolling Stone magazine. Apparently, Canadian politics is driven entirely by the propaganda capacity of its party picked candidates. A nice smile goes a long way. Much more important than helping foster an environment of stable production. Name the MP in your district. I can wait...

There is no mechanism by which an elected official is rewarded through results in this country. Get involved in the political machine and change the way it operates; not just bend it to your own special interest.

Did you know that our Prime Minister isn't voted on by the Canadian public? He's only voted to leadership of his party by members of his party. The sitting Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the most seats in Parliament; NOT the leader of Canada. A bi-product of a government set up by a King in a distant land who would never willingly concede power to a proxy territory.

Long live the Commonwealth. This means we are trapped in a pyramid scheme. Always at least one layer away from any genuine say. A weakness used to great advantage by Ottawa ever since it took over the machine during Britain's global "Handover". Canada isn't free; and never has been. It's paralyzed...a remnant of a time full of proto-socialist colonies representing the expansion of authoritarian powers in Europe.

Some Basics

Do you know we work and live in provinces...paying provincial taxes that generally mirror federal? Taxes keep rising while we're told our economy is healthy and strong. Municipalities grab another 4% property tax every time we turn around. Or perhaps you're part of the vast majority of Canadians who can't afford to own property anymore. So count it up. Federal + Provincial + Municipal + Permits, Tickets and Fees. And the insult to injury? Permission.

Want to build a facility on your own land with your own materials through your own means? Maybe. If you pay up AND it meets approval. No guarantees. There are bureaucrats to feed and Ministerial budgets to re-approve. After tax rates are set on arbitrary metrics your pricing will soon be dominantly set by artificial conditions. This has little to do with local capitalism and a lot to do with trade deals. Oh and don't forget to be nice to the inspector; wouldn't want a trivial misunderstanding blocking your plans this year.

Play ball and kiss some ass; maybe after some grovelling to make it clear you understand who's really in charge...

Although it might seem obvious that the more of something the less valuable it is; supply and demand is a nuanced concept which our political elite either misunderstand or deliberately manipulate. They know how to sell power and they know how to claim the high ground in the process. Protectors of the market; as though wealth is something given rather than earned. We're not marginalized. Our country was built to be in the margins, on purpose. We were never meant to be anything beyond labour for extracting natural resources needed for the Kingdom.

There is no incentive to get local results and the people are too far away from power to hold it accountable. Canada is held in check only by its ineffectual-ism. The raw incompetence of the leaders such a system encourages virtually guarantee we'll never be a true world power. Neither threat nor partner to anyone trying to move civilization forward. This is our heritage. We are Canada and so long as we operate like this...we don't matter much.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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