Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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The Good Son Collaboration and His Evil Twin Socialism

We tend to know our enemies.

So similar to Collaboration it orchestrates its schemes right under the noses of good producers trying to make things. In fact it is so similar they are virtually indistinguishable while in practice. It's only by analyzing the results that we can know for sure. Socialism is everything Collaboration is when focused to the good of the few over the many. Other than the purpose; the methods of organizing look very much the same.

It's therefore easy for Socialists to claim the benefits of Producers under the hypnotic thrall of a smooth talking network representative. Conflating the cause with the narrative being written to favour partners and spiritual allies. Much of life is like this. Force is often conflated with Violence. Love with Infatuation. Profit for Wealth. Freedom for Opportunities. Nationalism for Racism. It takes the wisdom of experience to tell the difference before it's too late.

While the chosen ones prosper in their ignorance, protected by the elite grooming them; it's the whole of society that suffers. Each generation more lazy and less skilled than the one before it. Increasingly dependent on mercenary labour interests and industrialized immigration. Recent news reports cite studies showing Canadian children among the laziest in the world and 95% of Britain's newest work force are not born in the U.K.

To violate the law of compensation is to eat the sweets first and then the substantials, and by this law the substantials do not taste good when they are eaten after the sweets. - Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906

Though ugly and perverted; Socialism is simply a mutation of Collaboration. Sadly, most evil is miss-applied production or laziness. It's the rare agent that is motivated by pure hate and destruction. It's much more common for evil to work low hanging fruit.

It's a source of sadness that so many feel doing less to be a sign of success. Knowing less, and doing less, while others do it for us. This mentality places the entitled on their make-believe pedestals while those who work are scoffed at for failing to do nothing as well. I sometimes call this neo-feudalism. As students rage against phantom threats, professors make excuses to avoid final exams and the hurt feelings of failure. So when the hardest problems surface and no-one can solve them, what do we do? Sell even more of our sovereignty to a foreign power more capable than us. We have embraced the Socialist lies of single market access while pretending we don't know the inevitable result of such false equivalency.

Even after Brexit and even after Trump winning the American presidential election, still the networks move against the people. Fingers in their ears and hands over their eyes while they blame the uneducated for not being smart enough to agree with them. Plutocrats bedazzle the stock market and point their ship in the direction they feel is best. Central planning and central return. Economic chains of dependency dragging us along whether we agree or not.

Trade deals and pandering to international partners in a desperate bid to attract inflated investment from some of the worst historic powers. Will Canada explain the free trade deal it just signed with the mass murdering Communist regime of China? Of course not. 45 million dead in 4 years and 75 million in the few years afterwards and not so much as an apology as we happily suck up all the cheap trinkets, plastic, and electronics we can stomach. Where is that courage that stood up to Hitler?

Are we a country anymore? Or are we a national mall? When you think of your homeland, how much does it mean to you? Anything or is it just a place to grind resources and spend time. Would you die for it like our grandparents did? Would you fight for a clear national identity or will you allow the multiculturalists to override our historic pluralism? Will you support more money for Indians and less for refugees? Is it acceptable for a political class to erase our past to serve corporations and their labour interests? Where are your priorities? Does Canada place in your top three? Country. Family. Self.

There may come a day when no-one asks "Where are you from?" because everywhere will be the same. And by inference we might stop asking "Where are we going?" because there will be no point. No where to run, no where different to explore. All the same, all the time. Think about it. Is Corporatism any better than Communism? Are single markets and litigious trade zones any better than Fascism? What kind of life do you want to live? One where we pass the time or one where our actions matter and our contributions are worth something?

Nationalism is more than just affiliation. It's a call to invest and produce under a banner our children can be proud of inheriting. Our failures and successes become a treasured shared heritage. It matters because it's real not because it's shiny or made of gold. The most valuable things in life don't come wrapped in plastic. They aren't "Made in China". They are made in ones real life. At home, at work, at the local watering hole. Are you living your own life? Better check to make sure.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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