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The Not So Secret Society

Inspiring a Verboten dream in rural Saskatchewan.

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By I. Am. Verboten

I think it's time that people fall in love with the mystery again. Some people like secrets and many don't. I remember being taught as a child that I wasn't to keep them at all.

Common sense from the ancestors designed to keep me out of trouble. Besides what could a child possibly know that a parent or guardian shouldn't also know. My confession: I kept almost everything I was doing secret.

Not at first of course. I was proud of my efforts after all, but it got complicated. People didn't understand me. What did electronics have to do with Jesus? How was science going to save my soul? By the time I was kicked out of Sunday school for good I no longer told anyone anything.

Learning to navigate the sea of troubled opinions and disapproving frowns was difficult. However, when made to feel strange or shadowy there was peace in literature where I learned the best stories are of isolation and loneliness.

The romance was in the longing not the happily ever after.

The struggle is to survive living rather than avoiding dying. To overcome and to create the next world as those before us bled and suffered to create what we have now. My approach was a curiosity to some and feared by most. Too selfish, too ambitious. It was expected that good people from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan focus on church, family, and work in that order.

To those around me at the time in that mechanical world, my ideas weren't just impossible, they seemed dangerous. Worthy of contempt, a threat to the family unit. I owe my parents and grandparents a debt of gratitude for patiently weathering the verbal abuse of their peers and doing everything they could to protect me from mine.

Of course for those of you that follow my story, you know that I started working on my first company, Asmoteknologies, when I was 19 and officially launched the company when I was 21 back in the turn of 2000. It's easy to take a risk when you have nothing to lose. Poverty makes a great incentive to build something. Anything at all is better than the alternative.

Over many years I've written and produced a vault of code and technology that I use and sell every day. When I closed Asmotek in 2016; I dedicated myself to building Verboten Publishing and the studio head quarters I'll be opening to the public in Spring 2018.

I've had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people, and have grown in ways I never could have anticipated. I'd like to do more to provide that opportunity to others. Believe it or not, I'm not as smart as I thought I was and as I tackle greater challenges I feel my limits more and more. It's a great feeling!

This is where the impulse to form the Not So Secret Society came from back in 2015. I needed a framework to engage developers who come from every race, gender, cultural experience, and those that are so unique they can only be described as Bob. The elite castaways that secretly make the world turn. I've streamlined the framework with my staff and active projects to facilitate a multi-threaded AND multi-geared development cycle.

(As I've expanded my involvement with other companies; my framework has evolved as well. Prime node is located at the Studio...or is it?)

For those that join our Not So Secret Society of programmers, code cutters, and producers; I offer a world of science, mystery, and problem solving. More importantly I offer the opportunity to participate in our shared dreams. A meritorious place where you can join projects and recruit other members to your cause; produce a boodle worth remembering.

There is so much more to this and I will continue to sprinkle hints and suggestions throughout my writing and programs. When granted opportunities to solve puzzles; the successful will gain access to secret doors. Behind these production. A vortex of manufacturing and design. Problems to help solve.

Puzzles might appear in any piece of content I release. In many ways the routine challenge is finding a puzzle to solve and the new door it releases. Sometimes a quick trivia question is all it takes; but they come in many forms. If you can't solve one...try another.


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