There are several perspectives one can bring to bear on a subject. Often the most controversial ideas are so nuanced they can be described in ways completely alien to anyone outside their familiar order.

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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

The One vs The Other

Fair weather friends won’t hold us back.

Language colours every word, semantic games make every statement a proclamation or an implication. A lexicon of triggers provoke reflexive action from an increasingly reliable industry of professional complainers. So why do business with a company that rides that line? Because liberty matters.

Verboten has so far lost the support of several contributors who have not liked a particular article or opinion. As Canada embraces the liberal mob mentality, it's becoming nearly impossible to get basic services for anything not part of that agenda. We have been denied service from 8 design firms and 3 independent designers so far, with a variety of excuses ranging from honest fear of losing other clients to dishonest trivialities about no time, too small, etc. This doesn't include the ones that simply didn't respond again after we sent them the domain name.

The Saskatchewan Publishers Group reviewed our application for membership but politely denied us. When we followed up at their office in person we discovered the executive director has gone on vacation for a few weeks. After being told the classic, "not sure where that's at, we'll make sure someone contacts you" line from the polite lady hiding behind the stack of books, we left and continued our day. Typical runaround.

In need of graphic services it took months of trying before we finally got a logo made. A logo! Couldn't get a service contract. One was going to do it for $800, but life got in the way and another for $250 until she visited the site and disappeared. And no amount of money seems to matter.

We fully expect, given the pattern so far, that in-spite of our publishing books, condensed audio segments and clips, videos, articles, commentary, transcripts, speeches, debates, and cartoons; we will be denied our rightful acceptance as a publisher on some vague pretense. By denying Verboten's application we can't qualify for membership in the Press Gallery and thus no Press Pass and thus no ability to build our journalism resources. Through this system of layered control, our political class has destroyed the natural journalistic incentives that would keep their power in check.

We're "not allowed" to compete with our "dangerous" message of free market capitalism and individual liberty and the micro-optimizations that encourages because it discourages dependence on the state while lowering GDP. But we argue GDP only matters during war time, and that it's PP, Personal Productivity, that matters the rest of the time. GDP is actually a negative indicator, it only goes up with national debt. They are married to one another. If you read our articles then you know why.

In fact we doubt we'll hear anything at all from the Publisher community, unless we keep asking for some response which of course leads nowhere. Not even the mundane dignity of acknowledgement. These days, it's just more convenient for potential partners to "vanish" rather than show courtesy to the proletariat. Paying customer? Doesn't matter...not right kind of customer.

Even John Maynard Keynes, the source of the current malignant economic normal, is on our side. His economics were meant to be applied only during times of crisis, not as a routine standard. How could he predict the willingness of the government and media to support a perpetual state of crisis to exploit his ideas? He was an honest man, and honest people don't think about such things.

We're trying to help people achieve personal production again. The state wants you to be a slave in a gilded cage so of course Verboten is the enemy. That narrative sells. Baby face or Villain, it doesn't really matter as long as there's a coherent story. Something for people to care about. Stories are about values, people remember values because they self identify. A story with shared values becomes an outlet for our own broader experiences.

To succeed, Verboten needs to capture a certain percentage of every demographic. It doesn't have to be a big piece, but there has to be a little something for everybody. If nothing else the sense of unbiased presentation. Without trust, there can be no audience and it becomes far too easy for one powerful interest or another to "type cast" our publication into something it isn't.

So let me introduce our new content stream. It's in this stream, that our most controversial items will appear where they can be compared with alternative pieces designed to broaden the discussion without undermining any particular view. By doing this we will fight off the haters and remain open minded without diluting our core message. And we'll appeal to alternative modes of thought we may not entirely agree with. Verboten is a discussion, we have our agenda, advocating free market exchange and that isn't gonna change; but a publishing house has a responsibility to meet the contemporary market half way.

As we add more and more content, our lack of visual design will matter less and less. So what if we couldn't get a website design...we have other means. The designer class may feel their politics justifies denying service to Verboten today, but there will come a time when many people will regret dismissing us out of hand. We are here to stay so get used to it.

We've figured out solutions to major problems and we will be heard, we will resist, and we will save as many of you as we can whether you like it or not. Whether you appreciate it or not, whether you understand or not. Because you are our family, our friends, our countryman no matter who you are or where you come from we love you and want whats best for everyone. We are all Canada.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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