In the playground only the new kids have toys. The others sit restlessly waiting for their parents to pick them up. Eventually one walks up to a kid with toys and asks to play, too. They don't know each other.

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The Playground

Single player is more fun anyway.

Nine times out of ten the first shares. Sometimes, the kid doesn't want to share and the others take it. When the kid stops bringing toys, the others complain to a parent. Who then complain to the kids with toys' parents.

Just bring back the toy and everything'll be fine, but the kid doesn't like the toy now. It's not a's a reminder for those who don't share. The kid stays home. The parents get tired of having no space while the kid loafs.

No longer has any toys and doesn't want to go to the playground. Worked hard to earn the money for the old toys. Just doesn't feel like working any more. Doesn't want to take anyone else's toy... earning is wasted effort...

What happens to the kid who used to have toys?

Pondering...imagining...understands one day that toys are for kids. Gets off the couch and gets a job in the city. Saves. Buys a small parcel of land in a nearby Keeps working job. Saves more. Buys a tractor; front end loader and a back hoe attachment. Keeps working job. Saves while working weekends clearing trees. Has plans for a modest building.

Uses savings to purchase supplies and tools. Takes a couple years... but it gets done. Builds a modest home; wood stove and generator. Years of work. Saves. Keeps working. Fish in the pond. Deer in the woods.

Hasn't worked in the city for some time. Occasionally does a job helping a neighbour build a modest home. Mostly works on new facilities. Textile mill. Supplies for builders far and wide. Expands. Teaches others...who someday help build a modest home for someone they love.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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