What happens when someone offers you something without apparent cost? We hear a lot about Universal Basic Income these days.

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They Smile When We Want Free Stuff

Like floating dollar bills.

Is anything really free? How about lunch? When something is given there is always an expectation of return...there must be an exchange even if delayed. Otherwise, whoever is giving away they're boodle will soon run out and have to take it from someone else.

It's easy to understand the need to help others. Especially those we love, but what happens if we help them more than they really need it? Dependence can develop around the relationship, a foundation of laziness and expectation forms under the beneficiary. It becomes less cost effective to fix ones own problems when someone else offers to patch them for free.

There are few things as sad as a parent who goes broke spoiling their children. Our country is our children. But what do we do? We can't let our friends and family starve. Is there no answer to this problem? What's the problem even called? I suggest what we are seeing at the parental level is in fact the early stages of a growing skills gap. We cripple ourselves when government cracks down on youth labour destroying opportunities to enter the work force early.

The answer is let young people work again...even if it's dangerous. How far would mankind have gotten if the tribe didn't let the hunters hunt because they might get eaten by the bear they are hunting? How would the great structures visible even from space, have ever been built if work place injury was used as an excuse to forbid work.

City based members of parliament do everything in their power to discourage our kids from the trades and endlessly talk up academic achievements. Few worry about a paper cut. This causes the skills gap to grow which then feeds the larger socialist narrative of aggressive economic immigration to fill the labour shortage.

However, there never was a true labour shortage. Only a shortage of respectable politicians and their academic cronies willing to do the right thing for our country.

Our schools brain wash kids with easy answers. The "system" paints the trades as consolation prizes for those too stupid or poor to make it in the ivory towers; teach children to comply, rather than build. Sneer at those with calluses on their hands, and snidely chuckle at the idea of working harder. Everyone knows work smarter.

We scream about equal rights and supporting immigration over emigration, yet we whisper the truth to each other. Blue collar jobs are for foreigners. We're too good to work hard, but we are happy to ship the labour in. Who cares if it drives wages down. Who cares if it undermines nation based democracy. We need to fill those jobs and locals don't want them or so we are reminded daily by the TV economists.

Thoughts of Hollywood, University and Diversity. The holy trinity with which we can solve all problems...except the real ones.

Consequences. We now have more adults living at home with their parents than at any other point in history. A generation of useless, entitled, spoiled adults who expect everything for free and when they don't get it they throw a collective temper tantrum until media ratings force the political class to give it to them.

I know what you're thinking. Won't these passionate non-earners eventually starve and solve the problem all on its own? Not quickly, No. Instead they force through sheer numbers, the bureaucratic machine to steal from the rest of us. From those who do work hard. The blue collar pays for almost everything while the financial industry dictates our trade deals and sucks up most of the return. Then they sing how clever they are.

Distant stock abstraction shackles local earners all while diluting national loyalty. It often encourages outsourcing human capital right along with the established education and job training industry. Ushering in more automation under the banner of progress.

Technology can be used for good or evil. It can be used to do more with less, or it can be used to do more with different. Sadly, different is cheaper, and since socialist constructs like stocks serve the participants. The rest of us either play ball or get thrown out of the stadium we built.

There has to be a stable middle. A way to gather the benefits of constrained socialism without risking the corruption that seems almost inevitable in every socialist system we use. We have government, which is inherently socialist but is constrained by national interest. We have police and firefighters, which are constrained by purpose. What constrains Wallstreet... Politicians? Can you hear me laughing upon this page?

Making money is so abstract now, investors no longer concern themselves with ethics or consequences of their investments. They don't, on the whole, care if one one company goes under or another rises so long as enough rise in their portfolio. No serious though toward the product at all.

The answer is simple enough it seems. We need a change of attitude. We are choking on complacency. Always waiting for someone else to do it. We won't convince anyone of the details, it's too complicated. Especially at the age we really need to reach people. Youngsters need to respect and admire hard work again.

We need a national public relations campaign to educate children on the value of smart work AND hard work. We need government to stop standing in the way of young people who want to work. We need to explain the value of both working together without interference from experts who claim to know better but in fact are partisan with personal commitments. The administrators have divided and thus conquered us. Only when the white collars and the blue collars join forces can we break free of the bureaucrats and reach our full potential.

Tradespeople work harder, paper pushers work smarter, and administrators work us. Do you get it now? It's not the strong who rule and it's not the meek. It's whoever survives.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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