Imagine a world where the print shop tells you what you can and can't write on the paper you bought from their store.

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Jordan B. Peterson announces Patreon alternative.

This is the vision publicly traded social media companies have been imposing in an economy absent adequate private alternatives. While Reddit may be huge and private they don't offer any form of direct monetization for user content at this time and in this pay processing vacuum others have grown imbalanced. Sometimes even toxic in their quest to profit on user generated content at all costs. Acting like publishers while claiming the legal benefits of neutrality.

"It's the algorithms! " Says the Company that wrote the code. "The problem is scale." Says The Internet Intelligentsia. "The companies won't move until advertisers bitch so it makes the standards look arbitrary. We seem to let little guys slide and then piss all over Crowder." To expand on the push back against the idea of Youtube bias check out this Joe Rogan and David Pakman exchange.

Earlier this year Jordan B. Peterson announced he was leaving Patreon over what was seen as a bias in which producers were "permitted" the privilege of making a living on their crowd funding platform. Along with close allies from the Intellectual Dark Web such as Dave Rubin he pledged to create an alternative for those of us who prefer a platform that doesn't impose its political preferences on users.

An honourable mention at this point to privately held, 13th biggest website in the world, Reddit, which has never been accused of any of this nonsense.

Well the wait is over...almost, Dr. Peterson has announced Thinkspot. His long promised patreon alternative less than one year later. You can sign up for the waiting list to be a beta tester at through a standard email exchange.

And of course in typical fashion the main "scream" media is already busy working its smear machine on behalf of its shareholders to discredit something that isn't even operating yet.

" Jordan Peterson, the controversial academic, has launched a new anti-censorship website that will only take down offensive content if specifically ordered to by a US court."

" Peterson has a cult following among rightwingers for controversial views about identity politics and has become a hate figure for many on the left." [1]

But it's not all bad. Many things have changed for Dr. Peterson and for his fan base since that classic BBC interview with Cathy Newman in January 2018. Our media landscape is no longer the insurmountable peak it once appeared to be dominated by the most powerful voices rather than the most interesting. This marks the opening of a new chapter in a story we all get to write a piece of.

Peterson's daughter Mikhaila is encouraging testers and early adopters to sign up now to help get the fledgling platform in good working order for an intended launch in August later this year. (Only a few months away!)

"We're in desperate need for a platform that doesn't arbitrarily decide to throw people off because of random crowd mentality," she says. [2]

I just want to emphasize this final message to the haters who are already scheming ways to destroy this beautiful idea.

You're way too creative to waste time cheer-leading other people's failure. You have nothing to be so insecure about. Your content is very competitive and will do the work for you on the issues you care about. Consider even the possibility... that someday you might find value in this new platform, too.

Make sure you sign up to today!



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