It was NOT built by immigrants. It's an important distinction that apparently most have trouble with. Let's really spell it out then.

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country built emigrants

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This Country Was Built By Emigrants

Who generally paid their own way.

The immigrant is brought to a country, almost always for labour reasons while the emigrant leaves her homeland to travel elsewhere on her own with her own resources and dreams. One promotes wage slavery and the other promotes freedom and mobility.

One is part of a socialist labour scheme that happens to sync up with leftist multiculturalism, and the other is a natural and positive force for growth in a country that is more than just an economic market. It's not an issue of race, it's an issue of motivation and the actual background of those who have options and bring those options with them compared to those exploiting a labour shortage or the appearance of it anyway.

Do you understand what the pioneers did for you?

An immigrant is brought into a country generally by a corporation that gains influence with political powers by dangling the prospect of jobs in from of them. Rather than filling those jobs with local talent, a labour pipeline brings cheap labour. Driving down wages. They ship in thousands at a time to fill factory positions in new factories they just bought approval for.

The other most common way immigration can clog up the system and prevent the more desirable emigrants from migrating is the recruitment industry that serves smaller companies that only need a few people at a time. Much of the funding for these exploitative operations comes from the government cynically trying to skew votes their way through identity politics. The smaller groups, often individuals and their families, play much better in the press than video footage of a small army of line workers filing off a transport bus.

Some of the most obvious problems that should come to mind immediately with immigration is that we tend to get predominantly male migrants under this kind of approach. These men don't come with their families, they come with their friends. They tend to be young, and from cultures that almost invariably treat women like dirt compared to western standards. It's the cost of a resource that works cheap, you get what you pay for. They have no resources of their own and in a few short years they are citizens happily consuming whatever they can with no particular love of country or her heritage.

These are the border-less world people who thinks someone who's gone through a citizenship ceremony is just as Canadian as someone born and raised here. An emigrant is light years ahead of an immigrant in terms of Canadianism. An emigrant integrates and chooses to invest in Canada, becomes part of her story. An immigrant simply takes from her and then tries to slowly change her through force of numbers over time.

A Canadian is not better than anyone else of another nationality, not a better person or anything like that; but it certainly is better to be Canadian than other nationalities. Not because of a maple leaf on the ID card, or divine privilege but because of the specific history and strategies that have brought us to where we are. Western ideals of freedom and production. The product of our past that those today get to leverage for more progress. A country is more than just a place to live and work, it's the combined effort of everyone who ever fought for her; faced each threat that presented.

At Verboten we have a Chart of Canadianism we use to make sense of the spectrum of integration. A very politically incorrect list that many disagree with, but what else is new. The majority has their head up their ass, too busy trying to take advantage of the decaying system. If not then explain why the economy is tanking? If it's not the people with the hand on the levers fault then who's is it? And if we are wrong and the experts are right, then perhaps you can offer an explanation for the poor results the standard framework seems to encourage.

Levels of Canadianism

Level 1 - Tourist. A guest in Canada, a tourist is the least Canadian while still standing in Canada. A pure consumer, not legally allowed to produce within Canada.
Level 2 - Work Visa. A worker in Canada, the second least Canadian is allowed to produce minimally in Canada, but is still mostly a consumer and not legally allowed to start a business.
Level 3 - Permanent Resident. A potential Canadian, the third least Canadian is allowed to produce in Canada and start a business. If they start a business or make an extraordinary sacrifice then they may elevate to a true Canadian status, but if not they linger just below citizen.
Level 4 - Citizen. A citizen may become a true Canadian through meritorious works. It is still incumbent upon a citizen who was not born in Canada to make an extraordinary sacrifice to elevate them to Level 5 or 6.
Level 5 - Honorary Canadian. Either born in Canada or earned by a citizen though extraordinary effort for Canada. Perhaps starting a business or a response to a weather emergency or taking on a job as a policeman or fireman, or nurse or doctor or something like that will earn a citizen honorary Canadianism enjoyed by default when born in Canada.
Level 6 - True Canadian. Whether born or not in Canada, to reach the highest level on our scale of Canadianism, one must be a hero. Fight to defend Canada in a war or save lives through great personal sacrifice and/or risk during an emergency. That's the only way to get Level 6 whether you are born in Canada or not.

I assume you don't agree, but there it is anyway. Think about it. Whether born here or not, your kids will be, and it's a special thing discovering life from within the land you were born to. Don't take that from your children by pretending it doesn't matter or it runs contrary to the regressive narrative.

Homeland is important no matter what the socialists say. Borders matter. Don't let corporate games trick you. Invest in Canada, recognize the value of nationality over citizenship or even employment. Capitalism is about production, and production is about people. A country is people, not just those today, but all those who ever were and will be.

Honour the past and consider the future when you become a citizen and you may just someday have the privilege of becoming a real Canadian after all.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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