One is looking with wonder across the vast plains he'd just purchased, while the other shakes his head in disbelief already angling back the way they'd come.... a modest village frames the background.

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caught moment destiny

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Though Caught In The Moment… Be Unafraid

Two brothers in ancient times argue in a field.

"This is kairos, brother, what an opportunity! Why are you doing this? I want to be the best. The best at what? The best at everything. You can't be the best at everything. I can try. You can fail. I can make something. What can you make?

Anything I can. Someone else might already do that. No one can do it the way I can do it. Someone else might do it better. So I'll do something else. Take on more?

Play it smart. What do you mean? I'll diversify. Divide your attention. Make paintings, sculptures, bridges, and buildings. You don't know how. I'll learn. You can't do it alone. I'll collaborate. You might fail. Then I'll do more. You can only do so much. I'll compound. Compound what? Interests. How do you compound interests? By innovating. You can't invent something every day. But I can discover new applications for old ideas. There has to be a limit. The imagination. Fantasy!

Where there's a will... You can't always find a way. I'll persevere. You think it hasn't been tried? I know it's been done. Not by the likes of us. Everything you see around you was built by us. Not me. Not yet. Not ever. Then stand back and watch me do it. There's nothing to see. If you focus it'll become clear.

All I see are bitter years. You're just looking in the wrong direction. I'm looking in the same direction I've always looked. You need to look forward. There's nothing ahead of me. Not yet. Then when? When you make it. How do you know what to make? I don't. Then why do you want to make it? 'Cause I can.

What else will you make? Only tomorrow will tell. Then you're just unprepared to face the mistakes of the past. Failure isn't a mistake. Only a fool seeks it. Or dwells on it. How can you produce anything if you don't know what you're going to produce? And yet it happens all the time. You can't rely on happy accidents. You can't live without them. You're wasting your time. Almost all of it.

Then why continue? It's worthwhile. So much work. Did you expect life to be easy? I don't know what I expected. It's unpredictable. Now I'm even more lost. A moment ago you weren't even paying attention. Is that why I never see it coming? No one ever sees it coming. Then how do you capture the moment? You produce anything you can... A painting? ...and when the right moment presents... A sculpture?'ll catch you."

The land owner slaps his brother's back and laughs. They walk through the future, together, unafraid. Confident that tomorrow brings opportunity so long as they produce something today.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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