We quickly find the incompetent excelling and the conditions for excellence diminished. Canada hasn't been in a positive debt situation since before WW2.

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Time Does The Dirty Work

And it waits for noone.

We had no income tax oppressing our every action until then. Somehow the Socialists of that time convinced the electorate to accept, albeit as a temporary measure, an income tax to pay for the war. Sadly, I don't think it was ever about paying for the war. And I don't think it was ever going to be temporary. Not with so many failed attempts to pass such legislation before. I'm expected to believe that for the first time in our storied history we HAD to have an income tax to fight a war that caused no material damage to a single Canadian asset on home turf. How stupid do socialist masterminds think we are?

No bomb ever fell here, no enemy soldiers, no tanks, no damage. Yet we HAD to have an income tax to pay for it? Before that terrible act of sedition we had over 28 billion in cash in the national coffers. CASH! Not future expected income. Not a ginned up GDP with baked in estimates. Real money. A positive debt position. Independence and the pride of being fiscally solvent. A position we have yet to achieve again with an income tax 70+ years on.

Universal education has created a platform of propaganda to assert itself upon every citizen. Lately, being used more forcefully than ever to keep us in a childlike state. Dependent. Forced either by legislation or financial position to accept a growing list of state services all starting with mandatory education. Expensive, inefficient, biased, state curriculum.

Why does it take 12 years to learn how to read and write with a little algebra on the side? Especially now that we don't even need basic algebra in a penniless economy forcing us all to round off to the nearest five. Heaven forbid we be expected to maintain the ability to count accurately. Does anyone under 30 even remember what a decimal place looks like?

The problem is one of psychology and incentive. When there is NO income tax, the most effective way for the state to raise new revenue is to support production and encourage the return as natural consequence. There is a dependence of the state on its producers rather than the other way around. With an income tax, we inevitably see a radical shift toward outsourcing a multicultural labour force.

Immigrants are shipped in at an accelerating pace to increase the tax base. Unfortunately, this has the consequence of diluting the voting power of those actually born and raised in Canada. It also has the consequence of pressuring public services from a natural nativist focus to a more globalist approach. Tourism and labour interests dominate the political power structure. A drive for single market controls is inevitable.

As we all know, nationalism is often conflated with racism, but Canada's pluralist heritage made up of 3 dominant cultures and 2 distinct races makes that argument a little harder to stomach. We don't have a history of slavery and most bigotry was religious in nature. eg. Catholic Residential Schools abusing the Indians or the pathetic and harmful third-world emulating Reserve system. Frankly, I'd rather see our money spent on fixing our real problems than yet another factory owned by Americans or Chinese needing yet another subsidy to bring over another 1000 Nigerians to operate it. Now here is the obligatory sentence that reminds the reader that the author has Nigerian friends. In fact the author has, as is quite normal for most natively born Canadians, many friends from a diverse range of backgrounds and has discussed these issues with all of them. All I ask is that a Canadian be a Canadian rather than a soldier in a mercenary labour army invading through the back door of identity politics.

On the other side those born and raised here find themselves fighting over-reaching labour laws that enter the home or farm labelling parent as child exploiters for letting them mow the lawn or feed the cows. Being able to leverage ones own family, including children, to work that farm or family business is a ten thousand year old tradition that keeps economic power in the hands of those families. It is the very nature of passing on the intellectual capital of ones' ancestors. That child is going to inherit that legacy some day. Thus the real reason behind such labour laws becomes painfully obvious. Much more useful to the elite is a shift of all production to corporate administration and the state regulated stock market once those family ties are severed.

The irony of all this is that those who come here seeking a better way of life are used against their own children who will be trapped under the same short-sighted mentality. What a pity that so much potential is wasted just so the neo-feudalists and their corporatist allies can feel powerful and important. Secure in their professionality. The bi-partisan ruling class qualified by their schools. Deemed experts in their fields. So smart and learned. Our betters.

Is it any wonder Canadian children are so lazy? They aren't allowed to work and learn the truth. Instead they're forced into public schools designed to erase the influence of local paragons. Filling the thralls of mindless go-alongers needed to make global trade deals function. In the most passive aggressive way imaginable, the administrative elite rob all property owners of any sovereignty or heritage through arcane regulations. Dictating the vernacular, deciding for all of us what is qualifying, what is compliance. Where is the future in this? Do I matter beyond my usefulness to growing the GDP? Where does the individual fit in? Another ant in the colony? Have our private lives become incubators for labour interests?

No. We're just in the way. Our citizens are too expensive. At least the ones born here. Way less effort to ship in ready-made drones from over-seas and let the locals fade away; of any race; those inconveniently patriotic locals. Today's Socialists let time do the dirty work.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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