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Top Hat's Favourite Articles and Essays

These are Top Hat's favourite pieces of Verboten content.
Top Hat is known all over Verbotenous for his/her criminal accomplishments. While its motives remain unclear one thing is not in dispute... they have incredible taste.

Most Viewed Medium Articles

This Is How Much Joe Rogan Experience Made In A Year
Deep data for the most popular podcast in the world.
In 2013 we watched the PowerfulJRE become a sustainable enterprise on Youtube. Along with his early collaborator and still occasional co-host Redban, comedian Joe Rogan figured out the balance of forces required for affordable long term podcast and popularized it across all demographics. Beyond comedy. The perfect celebrity/scientist/every-man ratio.

What if She’s Lore’s Daughter and Picard is Chasing the Wrong Android?
From the opening scene when I saw those synth stuffed into a storage room… something about the disposablity of them all screamed Lore!
When they revealed the insidious way the Mars Attack was used to discredit Picard’s advocacy of the Romulans… I knew the truth. It was personal and there’s only one android that petty.

Infinite Monkeys Theorem Is Bullshit
Even an eternal multi-verse respects capitalism.
In the real world there’s a “Production Horizon” of no return where randomness cannot follow and chaos is forever held back from producing anything of a higher order.

I Was Banned From Century Club For Defending J. K. Rowling
And it was worth it!
Sure would be cool if people were willing to debate me once in while on some controversial issues, but I’m such a stoic, unyielding, unemotional robot that no one wants to play with me. I demand fairness in a game dominated by baseless accusations and smears. Don’t expect me to help you if you won’t even let me discuss it.

Are Cops Really Killing Us Or Are We Killing Them?
Why fear of the police is irrational.
I bet you assume more people are killed by police a year than the other way around. Of course police are people, too. They are victims of crime like anyone else, but they endure risk others don’t have the courage to address. They fight a daily war in every neighbourhood.

Indians Are Canada’s Only Visible Minority
Yet our government treats them like second class immigrants.
So I told him he is NOT a visible minority...I’m having dinner with my East Indian immigrant friend, Navel, and the topic of visible minorities comes up.

Joe Pesci Brings Goodfellas To The Irishman
Undisputed all time best Oscar speech.
The Oscars has a long history of boring, windy, blowhards milking the moment. Hey, I get it… what kind of actor doesn’t like attention? The Oscars is where you have the eyes and ears of all the most influential players in show business.

Every Fact Thomas Sowell Mentioned On Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr
From his 1981, 1983, and 1986 appearances.
Honest and direct. The great Thomas Sowell has helped transform the conservative movement from fringe novelty to clearly delineated political philosophy. From ideology to operating framework based on economic facts.

Crawling The Intellectual Dark Web
How long have these people been incubating?
Welcome to my deep data dive into the IDW. How much impact can a counter culture movement really have? Who are these people? Who wrote books? Launched podcasts? Who’re the hold overs from TV fame? Radio? Celebrities? Academics? Journalists? Comedians? Most famous?

Sam Harris Burns Up Twitter
All those problematic quotes about Islam.
Yesterday, Sam Harris published his Response To Controversy to help address the constant gas lighting on twitter. Most who follow Sam or Maajid Nawaz know of the long running feud with journalist Mehdi Hasan over the role of Islam in the modern world.

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