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Travelers Card

From time to time the game will require a Minion go out in the real world and take a picture to upload as an Offering.

To validate the picture, a Traveler's Card is placed in the scene to make sure the Offering isn't confused with the wrong Minion. It's never actually happened but a cunning Minion might make a fake card to fool the Top Evil! ...such a Minion would of course be celebrated in the halls of Villainy. Right near the Balls and F*ckery table. Evil. Evil. Evil.
How To Make A Valid Traveler's Card

Step 1) Hold your hands out with the palms facing away and fingers + thumbs pointed up.

Step 2) Close all your fingers except your pointers and thumbs. Extend the thumbs out so you hands form an |_ _| shape with your thumb tips touching.

This is the size you need to make your card.

Step 3) Cut out a piece of cardboard of the appropriate size.

Step 4) Do the same with a piece of white paper which you will at the end glue/tape to the cardboard.

Either using a paint program or pencil crayons and make sure to leave one side of the card completely blank (will be used later):

Step 5) Write the word VERBOTENOUS clearly on the white paper in no particular place.

Step 6) Write your character's name anywhere on the paper. (Make sure you use big enough letters that a picture can read the card a few meters away)

Step 7) Decorate the card with meaningful embellishments within the theme of your character. eg. If you are a mad scientist loving Minion then you might want little beakers and burners. Have fun with it, and remember that a Minion needs to appeal to a Villain so matching themes is a pretty good start.

Keep it in your Treasure Chest

If you lose is then just like any of your Treasure items let the Top Evil! know and you will be asked to perform an appropriate task to earn a new one.

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