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World Wide Web Design
For only $300.00, Verboten will build you a 5 page starter site! Includes 2 templates (Home + Secondary pages) and 1 year hosting. May accept interesting trades.
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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

Verboten Studio

An unusual store full of rare and dangerous items.

Verboten focuses on developing the strange and unsual. Technology and software for all kinds of interesting purposes. Building websites and native applications.

We invent new devices and work with our artists to develop their creations including the stuff that ends up in an artist store front. Send us a message if you have some interest in collaborating with us on a project. Consider buying one of our odd items or making a donation to help us fund our research.

A Verboten associated store is an artist owned and operated store. The artist owns the boodle they make with Verboten.

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Verboten Studio

48 1st Ave NE, S0A 3B0
Box 965
Preeceville, Saskatchewan, Canada

Rare Books
Books from a forgotten time covering all sorts of forgotten topics. Viewing by appointment only. Price determined during trade. In store only.
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