Cari's Comfy Creations

Come visit the Preeceville, Saskatchewan store Tuesday-Saturday, 10am to 5pm. An artist's dream in the Verboten store front. Consignment opportunities, tools, and materials. Wheelchair ramp for disability access.

Cari’s Comfy Creations provides a space of wonderment. Wander through the cozy crafts made with love. Bask in the past as you admire the beautiful vintage jewelry. Admire the stunning beadwork of a craft that only a few have mastered in modern times. Enjoy the look of antique glassware as memories flood you with moments in your own history. Walk down memory lane with us. We look forward to greeting you.

Email Cari directly at jokifer@gmail.com for custom orders or questions.

@jokifer - Twitter

@jokifersplace - Instagram

Don't forget to search Cari's Comfy Creations on Facebook.

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