A character gets on the roster once they've made their first Offering and Madam Fate accepts it.

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Verbotenous Roster Of Ongoing Game Activity

Evil gifts for evil masters.

Do you need a lair? Want to learn more about Crafting?. Or are you ready to start a musical campaign?

Active Villains
Jokifer - (Needs Transportation) Lvl. 4 Boss - Time to show weak men who is boss! | Lair: Tropical Island Of Shadar Kay | "Thread it then spread it!" | Witch Doctor Costume | Pledges: NefariousCanteloupe | Items: Flute, Tropical Treasury Box

HussarArg- (Needs A Lair) Lvl. 2 Cold Evil- "To be a villain, yes a true villain, one which makes mankind tremble and the shadows themselves scream in terror, yes that would be a calling of worth. There is a darkness deep and troubling. A horrifying truth that lies just beyond perception. An inky violence that corrupts and drowns and is content to lie closely gripped around hearts and minds. When one finds themselves open to this, and finds themselves bile on tongue staring deep into the heart of this darkness, one can not help but tread this path. For in a world coated with a false security, one who would open eyes and shove the world gasping into reality, may be considered the greatest villain of all." | Abominable Costume | No Lair | No Signature Tool | No Transportation | No Horde

MrMaldark- (Needs A Lair) Lvl. 1 Motivated- "I'd like to, nay I MUST to be a villain as for I MrMaldark cannot fit into this bland boring society. I will no longer fit the societal norms of these disgusting do-gooders. I must break free. I must escape. I must be a villain." | Scientific Mutation Costume | No Lair | No Signature Tool | No Transportation | No Horde

Locomule- (Needs A Lair) Lvl. 2 Industrious- "A small army in the making." | Pigly Forman Costume | No Lair | No Signature Tool | No Transportation | No Horde

LockeMcCoy - (Needs A Lair) Lvl. 2 Humble - "I see we have a quaint little game a foot and I find my feelings a little... on the hurt side. I find it simply hilarious that your gang of villains didn't even considered to invite me! Well no bother I am here now to lend my services and show that I am one of the best. So what do you say? You know I am not ashamed of getting my hands dirty Let me join for old time sake?" | Animatronic Evil Costume, Park | No Lair | No Signature Tool | No Transportation | No Horde

MetaHellion - (Toiling On Diabolic Duty) Lvl. 1 Malcontent - We must Topple weak governments! Ravage useless social networks! promote entropy by science! No Minions. | Pressure suit for deep digs

Minions In Good Standing
Shadowranger02 - (Open Market Access Granted) True Minion| Lvl. 4 | "I am need of a villain to guide my steps and give a bidding." | Items: Letter Opener, Dr. Ian Thadius Liam's Papers, Mysterious Crystal (Orange, Minor Protection From Undead), 1xd20, 1xD6, 1xD4, 1xD10 | Skills: Science Fiction Stuff lvl. 1, Undead lvl. 1 | Major Deeds: Explored Ithliam | Exp.: 500xp

NefariousCanteloupe - (Needs A New Deed) Lvl. 4 True Minion - Recently Passed Class in Supernatural - Favoured by Maddam Fate - Clever and charismatic, Slight can absorb anyone's skills/abilities by simply touching them, leaving the victim stripped of their hard earned ability and memory of ever having the ability in the first place. "Hmmm....I hear you need some....."tasks" completed. If the price is right, I'm sure I can be of assistance. I have quite the influential skill-set." Skills: Magic Lvl.1, Supernatural lvl. 1, Jungle lvl. 1 | Exp. 7500xp | +1 strength | Weapon: Silver Knife Of Werebane (Does extra damage to lyncanthropes of any kind) | Major deeds: Gremlin Goods, Ithliam. | Items: Golden Apple, 4 Blessed Dice, Thieves Kit, magic lamp of continuous light. | Pledging for Employment with Jokifer

SubstantialPurpose - (Needs To Explore Ithliam) Lvl. 3 Minion - What's a Minion with SubstantialPurpose to do when he is not given a purpose? Gimme something substantial.... Skills: Magic Lvl.1, Science Fiction Lvl. 1 | Items: 1 Blessed D20, 1xd10, 1xd6, 1xd4.

Is your Villain On Diabolic Duty?
Sometimes a Villain finds their best place is in Diabolic Research And Development or if they really f*ucked up...the Slimy Catacombs Of Legal Status. Bad Villains join the ranks of Diabolic Diabolites and go to work maintaining the realm. Running background processes and general research efforts. All current requests are abandoned and the game feed is uncluttered of their pointless posts.

Currently on Duty: MetaHellion

Is Your Minion In The Crocodile Pit?
Occasionally, a player is negligent in making a move. The weeks just fly by. Our Top Evil! isn't the most patient Villain. A week? Ok. Two? Fine. But more than that...she doesn't like to be kept waiting when she's put in so much hard work to make this game fun and exciting. The following characters are in the Pit until they beg to be released by using [Please Release Me From The Pit] with an Offering. Something interesting to show the Top Evil! you're serious...this time. That they won't waste everyone's time if the Factory is commanded to print a new body and place the character back in the game. Players receive one in game prompt and then...to the Pit! All pending requests are abandoned.

Pit currently empty.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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Rules Of Verbotenous Game Play
Verbotenous is a dominantly turn based game where Villains plot to take over the world and Minions do their Evil bidding.