Verbotenous is a dominantly turn based game where Villains plot to take over the world and Minions do their Evil bidding.

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Rules Of Verbotenous Game Play

Keep it fun. Keep it productive.

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1. Be A Good Villain
No selfish do-gooders intent on spreading the wealth and making sure unicorns have fields to prance in. Hero's aren't welcome here.

2. Don't Command Minions To Do Stupid Things
Villains are smart and their Minions need to reflect that. Jobs are only valid when they include a valid code taken from a blueprint you are following and reflects a reasonable method to achieving it.

3. Keep it Evil; work your way to Top Villain!
Content not related to the game isn't allowed. Read How To Play Verbotenous to find out what kind of posts are allowed here. eg, Job Postings for Minions, Dark Gifts, Game level posts, Minion Results, etc.

4. Real Random Numbers Only
It is strictly forbidden to use artificial random numbers. PC's just don't make the cut for natural randomness. For similar reasons Casinos still use real dice for big money games. Dice or flip a coin or radiation off a decaying chunk of Uranium is fine...but the use of any artificial means to generate a random number for any reason will corrupt the essence of any Integrated Reality experience.

Make sure you keep up to date on your Minion Mail.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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