We are the passage of time. Notes played by the wind upon our bones. The parade of death draws us toward the future and yet we are unable to see the way. Will you throw your burden down to join the procession? Or will you carry on. Endure.

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musical verbotenous campaign

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We Carry The Dead

A musical campaign of chaos into order.

In silence we die; in music we live forever.

A small village of retired Minions has cut off communication with the Diabolic Diabolites who regularly deliver their food and other supplies as dictated years earlier in their villainous labour contracts. This is highly unusual. Retired Minions covet their employment benefits. Every Diabolic Diabolite who Top Evil! has sent to investigate has disappeared. It's clear that something very serious has happened. Are you the one to solve this mystery and return Verbotenous to proper working order?

This is the first major campaign for Verbotenous players level 5 and up. Here's what you need. 1 Villain with at least 3 Minions. Most compulsory real world items should be in ones inventory by level 5 but go ahead and gather what you don't have. Here's a quick list.

Without music life would be a mistake. - Friedrich Nietzsche

For Villains

Instrument - pan pipe, flute, drum, or whatever instrument was required to gain the affection of Wild Minions while securing the territory surrounding ones lair.
Blank Sheet Music - composing and playing is the key to solving this mystery.

For Minions

Toolbox - All Minions build a Toolbox as part of their challenges before they can reach level 5. Similar to the Treasure Box built earlier which is used to store trinkets and dice. The Toolbox stores...tools acquired and made during the course of this campaign. eg. A fountain pen used to write a short note in elegant cursive to fool a love sick pan elf.
Traveler's Card - Minions will make several Offering during this campaign and they will often require the Traveler's Card in the picture to verify the authenticity of the picture.
Undead Skill - Knowledge of the Undead is a huge asset on this particular Campaign.

Rumours and Other Background Information

Village of Old Minionette - The oldest village on Verbotenous. In the centre is a statue erected to honour the very first Minion... Igor. Long dead but never forgotten. He did it the right way. Started small sowing body parts together for a truly villainous doctor. A great assistant to some of the most famous villains of all time during his career. It was Igor that eventually secured employment benefits for all Minions from his last master, the Count, after helping him conquer Verbotenous in 1734.
Dybbuk - A malicious clinging spirit. Sometimes the dead are dislocated. Incapable of moving on, a spirit might possess the living in order to address some unfinished business. Sadly, they are far too disoriented to solve anything. Often the "problems" are as dead as they are. Usually relatively harmless there is a rare instance where a Dybbuk doesn't posses the living...but instead possesses an undead. There aren't words to describe the horror this produces.
Castle Hawthorne- No living soul has entered its hallowed halls in years. Not so much a castle as it is a fort. Abandoned hundreds of years ago by the Minions who first conquered Verbotenous in eons past. It was once the centre of power for the first Top Evil! A vampyric dictator who's name must not be spoken. Rumour has it that regular undead won't even look at it...such is the fear that it's master will return to impose his tyrannical rule once more. The stain of that time will never be washed clean, but no one has seen Count Dracu...since Igor passed away.

To begin this campaign a Villain must Message Top Evil! with [We Carry The Dead] somewhere in the title assuming level and crew requirements are met.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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