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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

World Wide Web Design

How Much Does Building a Website Cost?

Verboten Publishing offers a range of web site design and application development using its proprietary Azreal Server technology.

Need a Website?

For only $300.00, Verboten will build you a 5 page starter site! Includes 2 templates (Home + Secondary pages) and 1 year hosting. May accept interesting trades.
Email editor@verboten.ca with particulars or visit the Verboten Studio store front during regular business hours.
Thanks to our in-house Azreal technology it cost less to build and maintain competitive sites with advanced application features including custom server side routines.

Website FeatureUpfront Website Cost
Website Domain$12 - $60 per year (or two if we find a deal, price goes up if you require brokering a name already taken.)
Website Hosting$35 - $600 per mnth (1st year free w/ Startup Theme)
SSL Certificate$20 - $200 (duration and source. eg. Verisign)
Startup Package$200 (2 Templates, 10 pages, 1 year hosting)
Extra Page Templates$100
Application Functionality
eg. Ecommerce
$65 per hour
Website Content$25 per 100 words or graphic element
Content Updates$15 per hour
Third Party App Integration$50
SEO and Marketing$25 per hour

Before you make your decision maybe a quick review of what you need your website for is in order. What A Website Should Do

If you have a business and intend to rely on your website for substantial return then expect to invest around $5000.00 a year.

Verboten's services are aimed at small to middle need solutions. Large projects are best served by dedicated teams, however, Verboten consulting services are always available to guide your project into the right hands when the time comes should your business grow to such need.

All prices at Verboten are in CDN dollars.

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Verboten focuses on developing the strange and unusual. Technology and software for all kinds of interesting purposes.

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