Do you know what the world wide web is good at? After all these years what kinds of services and features have really taken off.

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What Do You Want A Website To Do For You?

Getting the right information to the right people when it matters.

For businesses and customers, for teens and soccer moms, the web is many things to many people but we can tell from the top sites what features are really appreciated by the largest audiences. Some of these features are expensive to provide and some are just a lot of hard work to maintain. Content is still king and it isn't easy to generate good content consistently. Probably why the Googles' of the world rely so much on user generated sources.

Popular Functions
  • Internet services and products
  • Video sharing
  • Social networking
  • Online auctions and shopping
  • Internet security and web search engine
  • Portal and media
  • E-commerce and cloud computing
  • Encyclopedia
  • Instant messaging
  • Videotelephony
  • Software plus services
  • Social news and entertainment
  • Streaming TV and movies
  • Technology
  • Photo sharing and social media
  • Online office suite
  • Payment system
  • Technology news and Internet forum
  • Pornography
  • Streaming primarily on video games
Internet services and products dominate the landscape. If you make something out of the net herself then you're already ahead of the game. Video sharing rules the server space accounting for more bandwidth than Bitcoin. Yet another reference to the almighty Portal. That concentrated gate through which we access other peoples' posts. A central feature of the internet and the foundation of social networking. But when we're done visiting it's time to shop.

Do You Want Verboten To Build You A Website or Application For Your Current Site?

Online shopping, e-commerce, and cloud computing are not just reliable staples of a stable website infrastructure, they're en emerging lynch pin of economic success. If you're not participating in online shopping or sales then you're missing out on the best deals and growing revenue sources that are naturally replacing face to face sales. Even those who still prefer brick and mortar are enjoying the security of Secure Socket Layers and push button money management. Your bank loves it and your customers keep coming back for more... and larger purchases.

Believe it or not the internet is still a giant encyclopedia full of information on any subject. While the search engines have diminished some under the ever increasing data load and "gamed" posts there is still value in searching the web for quick answers. Software services help distill the better sources. Your website should provide value. You must be a gatekeeper who has gathered a horde of internet gold which you'll provide at a reasonable price. Stream TV or movies, news, games, instant messages and music. When was the last time you crawled a forum for obscure answers to your unique problems?

Cloud applications reduce the imprint on your machines and make it easier to rely on multiple devices in variant locations. Some use online office suits, payment systems, and of course pornography. But let's end by highlighting the one feature that everyone in the world with a website needs... listing their products and services, a catalogue and a checkout process. For the real go-getters... an online auction. At Verboten we can build any of these features into your website. All you have to do is ask. You can browse around our site to see many of these features in action, though what we build for you will be as tailored to your needs as your budget allows.

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