Politics is personal when you're colorless. [Colourless in Canada.] In a colourless world you deserve it because you earn it; it's your name on the pay cheque.

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When You’re Colourless

Does everyone end up looking the same?

Working together pays off. There are many hierarchies, flat and tall, playing together. History is shared and our ancestors are respected.

The colourless enjoy a pleasant collaboration with diverse skills and ideas. An enterprise of cooperation and production to better each other and reach our maximum potential. And no we don't all like each other all the time. Good.

Star Trek is colourless. Let's be more like that...

Anyone can find success if they work hard and capitalize on opportunity. There is no single class system where everyone is placed in culturally appropriate positions. Some born into less; your children, and some born into more; theirs. It doesn't matter when we make a better future together. There are no colourless nobles.

The colourful mainstream isn't by birthright entitled to the lion's share, and the hard earning are no longer compelled to work for the thinnest return.

Names are very important to the colourless. It's how we identify each other. The content of our character. Personal reputation is the dominant social currency. A long memory is a must for the colourless and nothing is forgotten even as we forgive easily. Always ready to build something new tomorrow. It's not about money it's about production.

The family legacy is an investment that pays out reliably year after year. Not only is it a valuable purpose, it's practical. Finding that perfect someone is greater than your own ambitions. Expanding your family matters as does helping others do the same. The colourless enjoy offering opportunity to those willing to step up. Making more from less begins by including the resources close at hand.

The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope that 'Star Trek' has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and our abilities. - Gene Roddenberry

The colourless always try to work with locals if they can. Every neighbour represents years of resources consumed and it's never too late to contribute. People want to do business and sometimes they don't. Someone else will always be there if it matters enough. Being colourless means minding ones own business and caring less deliberately how others are running theirs. If a business is legal then leave it alone.

Boycotts are organized ignorance trying to overrule the legal standards that our elections have secured. The colourless don't weaponize Justice to punish others for legal behaviour we may not like for whatever reason. She's best when she's blind. Nor do we use the government to reward specific behaviour. Citizens are citizens as far as the colourless are concerned. Work within the law and produce accordingly without favour or discrimination.

The colourless debate without dog whistling. No-one is marginalized or pigeon holed because they used a certain argument or phrase. There is no incentive for spinning phraseology. No one benefits from smearing others or exaggerating ones own importance. Changing the meanings of certain words to act like triggers to derail debate is dishonest. What goes around comes around when you're colourless. People remember your name negatively when you're disingenuous.

Data is useful, but impersonal. Knowing those we do business with is a cherished tradition for the colourless. Going back over and over again improves local services and builds community. Community requires no special protections. It's a natural product of living the colourless life.

There are no thought crimes for the colourless. Cause and effect are the central considerations that guide the culture. Some people like each other and some don't but to the colourless it's always personal. Name... family... history. Consequences.

Disliking someone doesn't place you in a hate group you've never heard of online or otherwise. There are no external groups to be placed in with the colourless because people are judged by their names, their reputation, and there are no name hating groups. Imagine that. Hating all people named Dave...that's silly.

The colourless respect the languages of ones own country. Though welcoming of all peoples; all peoples must respect the heritage of a colourless country. Without superficial characterizations like colour, the colourless rely a great deal on past investment based on the actual behaviour of their peers over time. Better behaviour produces better returns. Accountability is a supreme value in a colourless community.

Colourless neighbourhoods thrive on the activity of those living within them. There is no dependence on the state to "even the playing field" for anyone. No tax increases wasted on efforts to interfere with local commerce to "correct the wrongs of the past".

If your hockey coach swears a lot then awesome. I'm talking about you, Yorkton.

Enjoy it. Everyone is welcome, but everyone is expected to move forward without trying to be colourful. You have a name. Use it to go where no woman has gone before.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.