Think about every serious issue in the news today. Crime, race, poverty. America's full potential forever beyond reach because so many issues remain unresolved.

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Who Will End The War On Drugs?

The drug war is the intersection of everything wrong with modern America.

Police brutalize civilians on the smallest pretense in some places while others are distracted from dealing with true crimes by petty offenses and budget gaps.

Racial tensions grow with every cycle and though so many of us love our diverse neighbours we are caught in a sort of enduring violence some never escape. Broken families point a lot of good kids right into a jail cell. Failures of educational opportunities in run down facilities nobody wants to work at. Then we act stupid when we look around and see sick and dying people everywhere. Guns, but no food. No dignity. Abandoned. This is the great America?

If you're looking for reasons, if you're looking for a way out then consider the simplicity of reaching impossible expectations and then overcoming them. Reward the hope so many have carried in their broken hearts for so long. End the drug war. Whoever you are. Where ever you are. Do what so many others have failed to do and cement your place in history. Redeemed. Forgiven. Loved... Remembered. We've already taken care of the little things.

It's time for something BIG! REALLY BIG! A massive, earth shaking, move of immense ambition. With one swift stroke a cascade of relief will wash across the nation and then the world. For when America ends their war on drugs so will most everyone else. Inequality will get a little less unequal the very next day and then again the day after and each day forward.

Criminal records which are never created won't prevent another employment opportunity from keeping a family together. Household income will increase and in turn as people have more to lose they take less stupid risks. If they have a meal waiting at home they don't need to find it in darker places. Let our worst moments be honest and infrequent rather than routine. The drug war turns human nature itself against us.

Without the drug war, suspicion and fear between police and most disenfranchised Americans will diminish quickly. Most interactions between police and civilians become pleasant hellos and info-exchanges; the remaining is true crime. Where you're the problem, the police the solution, and the rest of us are happy to see you brought to justice. No more petty immigration raids on fragile communities claiming black market mules stack impoverished neighbourhoods. No more fox hunting ICE quotas.

Without the excuse to search vehicles for drugs, police have no reason to stop cars during minor traffic violations. Remote ticketing would suffice in most cases and auto-warrants in others. By freeing police up from petty crime and drug offenses they'd have the resources they need to tackle real problems properly. Right now they're doing the best they can but that just isn't good enough for so many. We're killing each other and nobody trusts anybody.

It doesn't matter who started it and I don't want to even think about going back to right wrongs. We can address that down the road. Do the right thing today. End the drug war. Point the country in the right direction and let nature takes its course. It starts with legalization and ends with non-violent prisoner releases and criminal record resets. Beyond that is a mandate I'll leave for others. Please consider my words... it's time to do the right thing.

Maybe you'll be the one to end the war on drugs and save us all.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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