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Zombie Debt Is Eating Away Your Capital Gains

It's hunger grows even as you feed it.

By Bill Hunting

When we little people carry debt we all agree we should pay that back on appropriate terms, but what about for a business that is asked to take extraordinary risks.

Then taxed again on the other side of the production. Who pays when that business goes under, or down sizes and slows production. Should a business carry people who carry debt?

"You may play the butterfly; sip life's sweets and sow your wild oats now, but pay day will come and may be you will be unable to pay." - Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906

Especially in a culture that seems to encourage spending instead of savings. We live in a financial industry controlled by speculators. They make bones on all our transactions, good or bad. It's quite the racket and the primary driver of why the top 1% get 99% of new wealth. Guess where you and I fit.

The problem with debt is that it doesn't go away even after the narrative that generates it is long gone. It compounds and tends to come back as a ghost haunting the losers of the last cycle, committed to sucking even more out of those who got the least while serving those who are willing to profit on the wreckage and the bad behaviour of individual idiots. Commercializing stupidity is never a good strategy. History has shown this folly in the downfall of many great nations.

The eternal battle socialism wages against capital production continues season after season like locusts on the field.

Some less than moral individuals make a living by purchasing the debt of other people so they can, in essence, gain the rights to "shake down" the debtor. Divorced from any attachment to the original deal, many of these collection agencies treat the debtors like criminals or worse terrible people. As if getting the short end of the straw in the last economic cycle wasn't bad enough, rude calls from complete strangers trying to intimidate their way to a pay day, kick them when their down.

A good capitalist never puts themselves in a position to take from anyone if they can help it. Emergencies not withstanding, every exchange must be free and voluntary, even when that seems inconvenient in the moment. Consider it part of the natural self constraint that helps avoid negative outcomes. Capitalism is the best known way to generate production, that CAN be used inappropriately to serve one interest at the exaggerated cost of others. Exchanges that have the effect of suppressing other exchanges should be avoided if at all possible.

Capitalism is best applied to solving problems, innovating, and making things. Manipulating laws and bad fortune to capitalize on those with the least doesn't inspire the next entrepreneur to risk their dream. Why would they trust their most valuable ideas to an uncertain market full of cut throat thieves. Seizing an opportunity should never be mistaken for opportunism. The victims of this kind of commercial activity now count in the millions. Are you perhaps one of them?

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Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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